iRacing Drives Past the 35,000 Users Milestone

iRacing Drives Past the 35,000 Users Milestone announced today that the ultra-realistic online racing simulator used by gamers and professional racers alike reached the milestone of 35,000 active users.

While we may be used to the numbers of MMORPGs that often are in the hundreds of thousands or more, 35,000 active users is a great achievement for a service like iRacing, that is dedicated to a niche of racing fans that look for a lot more realism and a much more “professional” experience than what is provided by the usual racing simulator on consoles or even on PC.

Tony Gardner, president of commented:

35,000 active or current customers is a great number. What’s most gratifying is that so many iRacers have been with us since we launched almost four years ago. We have staying power, not only because we keep improving and adding to our service, but because – through word of mouth — our long-time members have contributed significantly to our steady growth.

If you wanna try iRacing for yourself, you may want to hurry, as new members can find a 50% off discount until the end of July here. Be prepared to learn a new way to race online, tough, as iRacing is definitely a lot more challenging than the usual Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport, and racing fair and clean, earning the respect of your fellow drivers is much more important than passing the finish line in the lead.