Iron Fish Plunges into the Depths with Launch Trailer

Iron Fish Plunges into the Depths with Launch Trailer

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s not fair that only the surface world gets to celebrate. Luckily developer BeefJack is looking out for water-dwellers with the release of their submerged horror adventure, Iron Fish.

You’re placed in the diving fins of Cerys as she fulfills her role as a ‘deep sea investigator’ for the British Navy. You’ll swim and pilot advanced underwater contraptions to discover ancient civilizations and never-seen creatures of the depths.

It seems like BeefJack is ready to support this game as they’ve already released a few patches over the last few days. The most recent one, RC 8, contains:

  • Fixed Bug where the EMP no longer distorted the HUD if player died during mission.
  • Fixed audio glitch on sub after mission complete level 2
  • Fixed issue with prompts to cut open bags.
  • Fixed bug where Aquajet could not be released.

Iron Fish is currently 25% off on Steam until November 1st which lowers the price to $14.99 USD. An interesting aside is that for each game sold, 50 pence (approx $0.60 USD) will be donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation located in England. I guess they wanted to show off that not all water-dwellers should be feared this Halloween.