Review: Iron Man 2

Review: Iron Man 2



Iron Man 2 was a blockbuster film but will the game be the same? Well first off let me tell you that the game actually isn’t a bad rehash of the film this time instead stands alone. Surprising huh? Does this mean it will sit in a league with Batman Arkham Asylum or will it go sit next to its older brother Iron Man 1 and wonder where it all went wrong?

Many remember that the first game was not exactly to most gamers’ likings but the second installment has changed some things and massed some improvements. Gone is the dynamic of having to shift and control your power from flight to weapons, thank goodness. Also flying and hovering he’s been simplified making it more of an action game and less of a flight simulator. They have also added in War Machine into the mix as well as the voices of Sam Jackson and Don Cheadle, unfortunately no voice of Iron Man dude. Do the voices make or break the game?–Nope! I would have preferred if they saved the money from the voices and put it into a better story with more depth. That being said the story leaves a bit to be desired and the wit and charm of Tony Stark just don’t shine.


The game nails targeting with missiles but the other weapons feel clunky and underpowered.  They did add a unique feature where you can modify and create your own weapons but unfortunately the menus require you to have a PhD in nuclear physics to decipher them. Of course you will be unlocking a variety of iron man suits for you to battle enemies but he is no online or coop play to speak of. Replay value is pretty low and graphically the game rally needs help in certain spots. Watching some of the cut scenes is almost embarrassing in this generation of consoles.


The game does not fall flat on its face but does not live up to its potential. At times during my game play it felt like a chore instead of something fun. This game could have benefited from some split screen coop action which would have really gave a reason to include War Machine instead of having his character feel tacked on.


We had the opportunity to see a sneak peek of Iron Man 2 pre launch and it had some serious promise, especially after speaking to the guys in their camp about it, but alas it stayed as promise and was not executed. Is the game terrible? In short, no it’s not terrible. Will it leaving you yearning for more, yes. It does improve upon the original atrocious version, yes, but unfortunately that is not good enough to warrant a purchase.

This game is a rental at best or a purchase for someone cooking to score some achievement points.


  • Game: Iron Man 2width="154"
  • Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360
  • Release Date: 5/4/2010
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Developer: Sega Studios San Fransisco
  • Publisher: Sega of America
  • Review copy info: A copy of this title was provided to DualShockers Inc. by the publisher for purposes of this review.