Iron Tides Launches the Viking Horde to Steam Early Access

Iron Tides Launches the Viking Horde to Steam Early Access

Crash Wave Games announces that its turn-based strategy title, Iron Tides, has made its way to Steam Early Access with a 15% Early Access discount.

Today, developer Crash Wave Games announced that its turn-based survival and strategy title Iron Tides has brought its Viking hordes to Steam Early Access.

Iron Tides allows players to form and lead a Viking crew to conquer rival clans and tribes. However, it’s not all about pillaging. As you progress, you must remain wary of your horde’s supplies and ensure that your warriors do not grow too hungry. If they begin to lose faith in you as a worthy leader, they may just begin to conspire behind your back.

With over 100 unique battlefields to raid and conquer, there will be various opportunities for you to prove yourself as a hero among the halls of Valhalla both by land and by sea. The game also offers six main questlines, which can be played over the course of eight and fifteen hours. Furthermore, a level editor allows you to create your own deadly maps.

When Iron Tides was on Kickstarter, it successfully reached 172% of its original goal, as more than 450 backers found the game’s rogue-like elements to be both a unique and challenging experience.

The Steam Early Access release of Iron Tides provides access to the game’s main storyline, as well as a plethora of its side content. While the game is in Early Access, it will have a 15% early access discount.

For more information on Iron Tides, you can visit the game’s Steam page, or its official website. You can also view one of the game’s gameplay trailers below.