iRumors: Apple CEO Tim Cook Meets With Valve, iConsole Mass Hysteria Ensues

on April 17, 2012 10:00 AM

It’s funny that right around the same time that I write an editorial about what would happen if Apple were to enter the console market, reports about it actually happening begin to pour out of the woodwork.

Over the weekend the guys over at CultofMac reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook had been spotted at Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue Washington. And what’s more interesting (this is the point in the article where you can take out your salt shakers) is that a source close to the outlet has informed them that with their upcoming television, Apple is incorporating touch capability as well as Kinect-like motion gaming control.

Again, considering that pretty much every post that has the name ‘Apple’ in the title can potentially end in a question mark, much of this is likely based on speculation and the connecting of dots that may not necessarily be there to begin with.

However, one cannot dismiss Tim Cook’s visit to Valve as he is not only Apple’s CEO, if you read the Steve Jobs Biography you’ll know that he’s also their supply chain negotiator.

So what do you think went down? Is it an iConsole? A hostile takeover? Apple does have enough liquid cash to buy Activision, EA, and Valve if they wanted to (although they wouldn’t) and still have plenty left over.

Let us all speculate in the comments section!

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