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Is Black Widow in the Loki Disney Plus Show?

Who is the mysterious woman in the new Loki trailer?

The latest trailer for the upcoming Disney Plus show Loki has given MCU fans plenty to talk about.

With every scrap of information given about the future of the MCU, fans are bound to pick things apart and analyze them to death.

Today, Marvel Studios gave us another look into the upcoming Loki Disney Plus show and plenty of fans thought they saw Natasha Romanoff for a split second.

Is Black Widow in Loki? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest theory.

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Is Black Widow in Loki?

It should go without saying that everything from here on is all speculation and rumor. Take everything here with a grain of salt because none of it is confirmed.

Based on this image from today’s Loki trailer, fans have theorized that the god of mischief might end up visiting the Avenger on Vormir:

Image from the official Loki trailer

The atmosphere in the image is pretty reminiscent of the planet where the Soul Stone resides and while we don’t see her face, the woman on the left has a haircut similar to what Black Widow had in Avengers: Infinity War. Looking closely, you can even see some red and black details on her costume that are also reminiscent of Natasha’s Avengers suit.

The problem with that theory is immediately clear when you remember what happened to Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame. Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen the highest-grossing film of all time: Natasha Romanoff sacrifices herself so that Hawkeye can get the Soul Stone to help the Avengers bring everyone back to life.

The film makes it pretty clear that there’s no way to bring her back so it seems doubtful that she would be making another appearance, but as other dead characters have made surprising comebacks before, anything is possible.

If you’re not subscribed to this theory, however, you might be interested in this one that thinks the mysterious woman is not Black Widow in Loki but Lady Loki.

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