Is Capcom Foreshadowing New Content With Reissue of Darkstalkers 3?

on February 25, 2012 5:00 PM

Capcom gave long time fighting game enthusiasts a thrill at last July’s San Diego Comic Con with the bold proclamation that “Darkstalkers Are Not Dead.” Information on the next Darkstalkers installment remains under wraps, but Capcom is steadily rekindling North America’s interest in the series, first with the Comic Con announcement, and now with the release of Darkstalkers 3 on Sony’s Playstation Network.

The North American version of the game is actually comprised of the Japanese EX edition and two Japan-only arcade updates, bringing the stable of playable characters up to a solid 20 — every Darkstalkers character from the series’ canon, as well as two hidden characters called Shadow and Marionette.
Capcom hasn’t announced a North American re-release date for the download, but it is already available on the Japanese network. While the series hasn’t seen a new release in eight years, this little throwback will hopefully pave the way for a current-gen (or possibly even next-gen) Darkstalkers title.

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