Is Danny B Doing the Music for Cave Story 3DS?

Is Danny B Doing the Music for Cave Story 3DS?


Danny Baranowsky, aka Danny B, may not be a household name to gamers (yet), but he’s recently grown in massive popularity thanks to his superb job as composer of last year’s indie mega-hit, Super Meat Boy. Also on his resume are indie classics Canabalt and Gravity Hook, and it looks like he might add one more modern masterpiece to that list: the upcoming 3D remake of Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya’s indie juggernaut, Cave Story.


While it hasn’t yet been formally announced, in recent days there’s been a pretty significant amount of clues, all leading to the same conclusion: Danny B is composing music for Cave Story 3DS. The initial seeds were planted on March 30th, when Nicalis, publisher of Cave Story 3DS,  directly tweeted Danny B, asking him about progress regarding the main theme. This was followed by Danny feigning ignorance, asking “what’s cave story?” While this caught the eye of a few observant gamers, most dismissed it as an early April Fool’s joke and left it at that.

Fast forward to Tuesday, April 5th, when Danny B tweets this. It’s a link to a list of composers and performers presumably expected to show at a Video Games Live concert later this year. Nothing too special, except it lists Baranowsky as one of the composers, with Cave Story 3DS clear as day on the list of notable accomplishments, alongside Canabalt and Super Meat Boy.

So, is it true? Is Danny B lending some of his brilliant talents to a remake of an equally brilliant game, to create some sort of combination so brilliant I can’t even wrap my head around it? We’ll have more for you as this story develops.