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Is Druddigon Good in Pokemon GO & What's Its Best Moveset?

December 6, 2021

The Season of Heratige’s first major event is here and it sees the debut of a very spiky Dragon, Druddigon.

The event, titled Dragonspiral Descent, will focus on Pokemon found in Pokemon Black & White’s Dragonspiral Tower.

These Pokemon include the likes of Darumaka, Blitzle, Dratini, Deino and of course, the brand new Druddigon.

As is always the case when a new Pokemon is added, players are wondering if Druddigon is good in Pokemon GO and if so, what its best moveset is. Let’s take a look.

Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Is Druddigon Good in Pokemon GO?

Sadly, despite its looks, Druddigon is likely to be one of Pokemon GO’s most underwhelming Dragon-type Pokemon and a big reason for that is because it doesn’t evolve, so it has middling stats.

According to PVPoke, Druddigon is the 280th best choice in Pokemon GO’s Great League. It falls below the likes of Goodra, Flygon and Dragalge in the rankings.

That being said, it can beat some of the division’s most common Pokemon, including Sableye and Venusaur but unfortunately, it falls foul of too many others to make a real splash.

Druddigon performs slightly better in the Ultra League, coming in at 187th place, but that’s still too low to make it super competitive. Again, it can beat a few decent Pokemon but is just too underpowered to beat many others.

As you’d expect, it doesn’t really make a dent in the master league either. It’s the 213th best pick with its only major wins coming against Garchomp, Shadow Zapdos and Incarnate Thundurus.

What’s Its Best Moveset?

For those who fancy a challenge, the best moveset for Druddigon is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Dragon Tail
  • Charged Move – Dragon Claw
  • Charged Move – Night Slash
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