Is Fortnite Down Today (April 6) - New Update Released

A new update has been deployed for Fortnite!

It looks like players are experiencing issues with the Fortnite servers, but is Fortnite down on April 6? Here’s everything we know, including what’s new in the latest update just deployed.

It appears Epic Games is investigating the ongoing issue, as made clear in the tweet below. But here’s what we know about the Fortnite servers and the latest update on April 6.

Is Fortnite Down On April 6?

UPDATE #2: The login issues have officially been fixed!

UPDATE: It looks like Epic Games are still actively working on the issue, Fortnite is currently playable but the servers are ‘degraded’ according to the official Fortnite Status Account.

The Fortnite servers aren’t down per say, it appears that after the most recent Fortnite update players are having trouble logging back into the game.

It has been reported that shutting down your console and restarting the game will likely allow players to log back in, but this is not an official fix.

Epic Games is sure to update their Twitter account when all services are back to normal, and when they do we will also update this article.

This isn’t the only issues Epic is currently facing, as players are reporting an issue with friends appearing on their friends list. According to the official Fortnite Status account, this is also being investigated, as per the tweet below.

This article will be updated if Epic makes an announcement on the status of the servers.

Fortnite Update On April 6

A new update has just been released for Fortnite on April 6, and it appears to be linked with the ongoing server issues.

The update only appears to be 500MB on PlayStation consoles and is simply a stability update according to Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6

Fortnite kicked off Chapter 2: Season 6 in style, there’s a lot of new content for players to jump in to. Not only is there new points of interest on the Battle Royale map, but there’s also brand new skins, a new crafting system, and even animals.

DualShockers have got everything you need to know about the latest season before you jump in and play.

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