Pokemon GO Fest 2021 - Are Gardevoir & Flygon good? Best Moveset + Max CP

By Sam Woods

July 16, 2021

Alongside a whopping 37 Legendary Pokemon on GO Fest Day Two, Niantic has given players the opportunity to catch a range of selected Pokemon on Day One of the event.

There is a variety of different habitats that will rotate throughout the day and with them, a bunch of different Pokemon. As well as these habitats, there will be a handful of other featured Pokemon.

Two of these Pokemon are Gardevoir and Flygon, who, when caught, will receive a special GO Fest move.

But do these moves make Gardevoir and Flygon good? What’s their best moveset and max CP and which one should you pick? Let’s take a look.

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Pokémon GO 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Is Gardevoir Good in Pokemon GO? Best Moveset and Max CP

The short answer is that it’s fine, however, sadly, its Shadow version is quite a bit better than the regular one.

PVPoke ranks Gardevoir as the 192nd best Pokemon in the Great League, which isn’t fantastic, especially when compared to the 84th place its Shadow Form takes.

It does still pick up big wins against Medicham, Altaria, Scrafty, Swampert and more, despite its lowly position.

Unfortunately, Gardevoir performs even worse in the Ultra League, ranking at 246th (vs 160th for Shadow Gardevoir). It’s simply not worth considering here.

The Master League is where Gardevoir is at its most useful, however, still only ranks in 67th place. That being said, its Fairy-typing helps it take down the vast majority of Dragons, which are extremely prevalent in the Master League. It will need to be powered up with XL Candies to stand a chance though.

Gardevoir’s max CP sits at 3093 when at level 40 or 3497 at level 50 and its best moveset is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Charm
  • Charge Move – Shadow Ball
  • Charge Move – Synchronoise*

*GO Fest Special Move

Is Flygon Good in Pokemon GO? Best Moveset and Max CP

Flygon just edges out Gardevoir in the Great and Ultra Leagues, coming in at 158th and 77th respectively.

Unlike Gardevoir, however, Flygon is unable to carve out a niche for itself in the Master League. It manages to pick up a win against Melmetal, which is no small feat but, other than that, it gets its backside handed to it.

Its poor performance isn’t helped by a lacklustre max CP of 2661 at level 40 or 3008 at level 50.

If you’re crazy enough to use it, the best moveset for Flygon is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Mud Shot
  • Charge Move – Dragon Claw
  • Charge Move – Earth Power*

*GO Fest Special Move

Which One Should You Pick?

Honestly, it doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Neither of these Pokemon is particularly good when it comes to PVP, so it’s really down to personal preference. I’ll be picking Flygon, just because I like it more…

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