Pokemon GO - Are Shellos/Gastrodon Good? Can They Be Shiny?

By Sam Woods

August 6, 2021

Following a great show of worldwide teamwork, Pokemon GO players earned a series of brand new Ultra Unlock events at GO Fest this year.

The first of these events recently concluded and was focused around Pokemon from distinct time periods. Now, we’re heading into the second part, titled “Space”.

This time, a different range of Pokemon will be spawning around the globe, however, rather than coming from different time periods, they’re coming from different locations. These Pokemon will include Heracross, Basculin and Shellos/Gastrodon.

Are Shellos and Gastrodon good in Pokemon GO though and can you be lucky enough to encounter the East or West sea version’s Shiny forms? Let’s have a look.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Can West Sea Shellos/Gastrodon or East Sea Shellos/Gastrodon Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

The short and sweet answer is that neither variation of Shellos, nor by default their evolution Gastrodon, can be shiny in Pokemon GO just yet.

However, fear not, because as you can see from the two embedded tweets below, neither of them are particularly exciting in their shiny forms!

Arguably, of the two, the East Sea Shellos is the slightly more preferable one.

Are Shellos or Gastrodon Good in Pokemon GO?

Shellos you’re going to want to discount straight away, however, Gastrodon may have a small niche in the GO Battle League.

It’s ranked as the 153rd best Pokemon in both the Great and Ultra Leagues (provided it’s powered up by XL Candies in the Ultra League) by PVPoke and picks up some big wins in the two divisions.

In the Great League, Gastrodon takes the scalps from the likes of Galarian Stunfisk, Bastiodon and Swampert and in the Ultra League, it beats Pokemon including Melmetal, Obstagoon and Registeel.

It’s not worth using in the Master League.

If you do decide to take Gastrodon for a spin, the moveset you should use is:

  • Fast Move – Mud Slap
  • Charged Move – Body Slam
  • Charged Move – Earth Power
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