Is James Franco In The Latest Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer?

One part of the latest trailer has people wondering.

November 17, 2021

Spider-Man No Way Home just received its latest trailer that revealed the group of villains that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be facing off against, but one aspect of the trailer has people wondering if James Franco’s Harry Osborn might be making an appearance as well.

This movie is the third of the “Home” trilogy of movies from director Jon Watts that takes place in the MCU.

The end of Spider-Man Far From Home changed everything with Mysterio’s reveal of Spider-Man’s identity to the world and that kicks off the events found in No Way Home.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer

Which Villains Are Confirmed For No Way Home?

Spider-Man No Way Home is being hyped as one of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date, as it’s bringing back many characters from the Spider-Man movies that came prior to Tom Holland taking over as the character.

The first teaser trailer for the movie revealed Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, while teasing a number of other villains like Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

This latest trailer confirmed many of the rumors and teases though, with the trailer outright showing a number of returning villains including the aforementioned Doc Ock and Green Goblin, as well as Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and both Lizard and Sandman. While rumors mentioned actors returning related to the latter two, we don’t know if Thomas Haden Church or Rhys Ifans will indeed be back in some fashion.

Is James Franco In The Latest Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer?

From everything that we’ve heard related to rumors up to now, there has been no talk of James Franco returning. This isn’t a huge surprise considering some of the controversy surrounding him more recently that have led his former close friend and collaborator Seth Rogen to no longer work with him.

Looking at the new trailer, what sparked this conversation is that we see outright the classic Green Goblin design from the first Spider-Man film with Dafoe just as we remember it.

In comparison, we see a brand new design for Foxx’s Electro in the trailer, while Dafoe seems to remain the same. However, there is another part of the trailer that you can see in the image at the top of the article with some sort of Goblin that looks different from the same one we see elsewhere in the trailer.

As you can see, the glider looks the same, but the character on top looks very different and is more reminiscent of Franco’s Harry Osborn Goblin from Spider-Man 3.

Considering there have been no rumors of Franco on set and his current controversy, it is much more likely that this is just a different look for Dafoe’s Green Goblin that looks more like a previously leaked picture that we never knew was real or not.

One of the complaints by long-term Spider-Man fans has been the “Power Rangers” look for the Green Goblin, especially with the mask part. This image looks as if he has taken off the mask and instead may have his classic purple hood and perhaps some sort of glasses underneath it. The image makes it look like someone with longer hair, but we are thinking it is more likely to be a purple hood in the darkness instead.

While it would be cool to see the character of Harry return, this really does not seem to be him based on the latest trailer at least.

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