Is Jinx Evil in League of Legends Arcane, What Happened so Far

Here's what happened with Jinx in Episode 3.

November 7, 2021

The world premiere of League of Legend Arcane on Twitch has just happened November 6, and many fans are wondering what’s up with one of the main characters appearing in the series, Powder (Jinx) following the events of Episode 3, is she evil?

Needless to say this story contains spoilers for episode 3 of Arcane, so read at your own risk.

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Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane LOL episode 3 ending spoilers explained

In episode 3 of LOL Arcane, Powder, with one of her grenades incorporating a mana-gem, ends up accidentally killing Claggor and Milo with the explosion it triggers.

Moreover, Vi and Powder’s adoptive father Vander ends up dying as well: Silco stabbed Vander, who then drank some Shimmer and mutated, but ultimately died protecting Vi over killing Silco.

However, Powder herself doesn’t realize the people she killed, and upon seeing Vi again, is simply happy her Do It Yourself grenade worked. Vi, still shocked after these tragic events, took out her anger and sorrow on her sister, and called her a “Jinx”.

Moreover, before they could share more words, Silco kidnaps Powder, and Marcus knocks Vi unconscious as she tries to saver her sister. Powder herself however doesn’t realize this and believe her sister threw her away. Creating a permanent emotional rift between Vi and Powder, with Powder heading toward her change into Jinx.

League of Legends Arcane – Is Jinx evil?

Long story short, Jinx turned out this way because of a tragedy due to misunderstandings and miscommunications. It’s up to yourself to decide whether that makes her evil or not. Fans on social media are divided as well, some calling her evil, some not. I’m personally on the “not evil” side.

You could also put the blame on VI, as she’s the one who told Powder to stay away from the fight in the first place. And Powder, by using the mana-gem, wanted to prove her usefulness to her sister. But blaming anyone in this situation wouldn’t change anything.

Arcane is a new Netflix anime project by Riot Games. It’s part of the projects celebrating the 10th year anniversary of League of Legends. And focuses on revealing the backstory of LOL Champions Vi and Jinx. This isn’t the first time Riot Games made LOL anime content. We most notably remember the KD/A dance animated trailer.

The next batch of three episodes of Arcane will be releasing Saturday, November 13. The final batch is coming November 20, 2021.

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