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Is JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Part 7 'Steel Ball Run' Anime Confirmed?

It has the most bonkers plotlines in the series!

December 1, 2021

After the release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 6 titled Stone Ocean, fans are wondering if JoJo Part 7 anime has been confirmed.

It is but obvious to expect Part 7 of this fantastic anime series that has captivated fans for almost a decade now. The first episode of JJBA Season 1 was broadcast in Japan on October 5, 2012. And the Stone Ocean part is far from over. But let’s take a look at all the information we have so far to find out if or when can we expect JoJo Part 7 to release.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean | Official Trailer | Netflix

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean | Official Trailer | Netflix

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 7 Manga Plot

Warning: This section contains spoilers!

The story of Part 7 Steel Ball Run is set in year 1890. A philanthropist named Stephen Steel holds a marathon across New York where the winner can win $50 million. This attracts all sorts of competitors from places near and far.

Then, the protagonist of the story, Johnny Joestar is introduced. He is a former jockey who had to give up his career after an accident cost him his legs. Johnny is half paralyzed but that hasn’t dampened his spirits yet.

When he hears about the Steel Ball Run competition, which promises a large monetary sum, he decides to enter the race. That’s because Johnny wants to prevent the death of a young boy named Marco who has been accused of treason.

The Steel Ball Run competition is actually horse race that spans across the entire country, with plenty of Stand users and their powers involved. Here, he meets another competitor named Gyro Zeppeli, who uses a mystic art named the Spin. After meeting him, Johnny realizes that Gyro’s mysterious technique can help him walk. So he attempts to unravel the secret technique while participating in the race.

However, winning the Steel Ball Run is not that simple as the participants will do anything to win that race. As the dark side of the story and corruption surfaces, it is revealed that even the President of the United States may be complicit in a bigger plot.

When Will Jojo Part 7 Steel Ball Run Anime Come Out?

As of now, no official confirmation has been made about the release of Jojo’s Part 7 anime. Besides, the story of JoJo’s Part 6 Stone Ocean anime is not yet completed as more episodes will be released in the coming months.

So before that happens, we surely won’t be getting the Steel Ball Run anime. But we do know that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures anime is usually released in every 2 years so if we go by these numbers then we can expect the next anime in 2023.

But this is just a prediction and we will have to wait for official sources to confirm Jojo’s Part 7 Steel Ball Run anime.

Fan Trailer For JoJo’s Steel Ball Run Anime

While we wait for our next JoJo’s anime, here’s a fan trailer for Steel Ball Run that you can enjoy:

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