Pokemon GO - Is Kangaskhan Good? Best Moveset, Shiny Odds and Max CP

By Sam Woods

August 6, 2021

The Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event is starting to kick off in Pokemon GO around the globe and Pokemon are appearing in places that they wouldn’t normally be found.

Part 2 follows Part 1, which saw Pokemon from different eras appearing, with fossil and futuristic Pokemon becoming widely available.

This time, the likes of Shellos, Heracross, Kangaskhan and more will show their faces in eggs, raids, and the wild.

Is the Australian Regional Pokemon Kangaskhan any good in Pokemon GO? We look at its max CP, best moveset, PVP performance and how likely you are to encounter a Shiny one.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Kangaskhan Shiny Odds]

Kangaskhan will appear in Three-Star Raid Battles throughout the event, which will be the only opportunity players will have to encounter a Shiny one. That means decisions need to be made on whether or not to spend Raid Passes on them.

While The Silph Road doesn’t have enough data to be certain about Kangaskhan’s Shiny odds, it’s likely to be the base rate of 1/500.

Tauros, another Regional Pokemon from the same era, has the base rate and The Silph Road’s data also points towards around 1/350, which, when accounting for RNG is probably around 1/500.

Unfortunately for Shiny Hunters out there, Kangaskhan’s Shiny form is very disappointing. It’s almost exactly the same colour, just a little lighter, with a green plate on its head.

IS Kangaskhan Good in Pokemon GO?

The honest, and short answer is not really, mainly due to its Normal-typing.

PVPoke ranks it as the 433rd best Pokemon in the Great League (although it does beat Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon).

It slightly improves in the Ultra League, coming in 309th place, then improves again coming 251st in the Master League. It’s really not worth considering for PVP.

Best Moveset and Max CP

Kangaskhan’s max CP is as follows:

  • Level 40 – 2586
  • Level 50 – 2924

As stated, it’s really not worth using Kangaskhan in the GO Battle League, however, if you fancy your chances, this is the best moveset:

  • Fast Move – Mud Slap
  • Charged Move – Power Up Punch
  • Charged Move – Crunch
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