Is Lady Dimitrescu Going to Be in the Next Resident Evil Village Demo?

Will we see the dark mistress in Capcom's next Resident Evil Village demo? We sure hope so.

March 19, 2021

Resident Evil Village‘s release is on the horizon but before that, it looks like we will get another demo. 

In Capcom’s last demo called Maiden that launched on the PlayStation 5, players got a look at the grand mediæval castle owned by the Dimitrescu family after trying to escape from that horrible and creepy dungeon. In the next demo, could our favourite tall lady make an appearance?

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What will the next Resident Evil Village Demo include?

The Maiden demo was merely a technical showpiece for what’s to come in Resident Evil Village and to give players a taste of what the aesthetics would be like. In Capcom’s next demo, LimitedRunGames’ Japan Business Manager Alex Aniel states that the second RE Village demo will “feature a portion taken from the final game.” so it sounds like players will get a fuller experience in the next demo which will be great. Maybe we will even get to try out some of the weapons?


Will we get to see Lady Dimitrescu in the next demo?

So far, there has been nothing official stating what players will get to see in the next demo other than a slice of the endgame but since we only saw Lady Dimitrescu for a few seconds right at the end of the Maiden demo and given how widely popular she is, I’m sure we are bound to bump into her at some stage or even get stood on, either works.

When will the next Resident Evil Village Demo release?

In another Twitter post, Aniel says that Capcom plans on hosting additional Resident Evil Showcase events although no exact specifications were mentioned about the demo’s release but that upcoming showcases will revolve around Resident Evil‘s 25th anniversary which occurs on March 22 and a PlayStation Japan stream called Play! Play! Play! on March 21. Here’s hoping we will hear then when we can jump into a brand new demo that will hopefully also feature the tall lady.

Resident Evil Village is set to launch May 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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