Is Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Coming to PC? (UPDATED)

Is Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Coming to PC? (UPDATED)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words but a logo can render you speechless.

Thanks to a pair of meticulous eyes, a Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  poster plastered around Los Angeles is creating all kinds of confusion, which leaves us wondering “is Lightening Returns coming to PC?”

The poster just put up today is rather simple and if you’re not looking closely you can easily ignore the crucial detail, but tucked away in the left corner next to the Xbox 360 logo you’ll see it…PC.

Unfortunately it’s very likely a a printing error, as a something as major as this would have been announced during Square Enix’s big reveal which included the release date announcement and trailer earlier this week. Moreover, it’s very unlikely for something like this to go on print and to be plastered on the walls across a city without having been previously announced.

Check out the gallery below to see the photo in question. Just in case we contacted Square Enix for a clarification and we’ll keep you posted if we hear something official on the issue. 

UPDATE: Unfortunately we received confirmation from Square Enix that the PC version was added to the posters by mistake.