Is Mega Absol Good in Pokemon GO and What's Its Best Moveset?

October 22, 2021

Making its debut in Pokemon GO as part of the game’s yearly Halloween event is a brand new Mega Pokemon, Mega Absol.

It becomes the sixteenth Pokemon in the game with the ability to Mega Evolve and will be in raids for the next two weeks, being replaced on Friday, November 5.

As with all new Pokemon in the game, many players are wondering if Mega Absol is good and how viable it is to use in raids. Let’s take a look at that, plus what the Pokemon’s best moveset is.

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Is Mega Absol Good in Pokemon GO PVE?

Mega Absol is a pure Dark-type Pokemon. This means it resists damage normally from Dark and Ghost-type moves and it has extra resistance against Psychic-type moves. If you’re going up against any of these types in raids, Absol will be at an advantage.

It becomes the third Mega Evolution to be Dark-type, or at least partially Dark-type, alongside Mega Houndoom and Mega Gyarados.

In terms of stats, Mega Absol struggles a little. Although it has a fantastic Attack stat, it’s HP and Defense let it down, meaning it’s very glassy and has a fairly low CP.

If you compare its stats to the other Dark-type Mega Evolutions, you can see that it falls behind both Mega Houndoom and Mega Gyarados.

Mega Absol:

Max CP3732

Mega Houndoom:

Max CP4344

Mega Gyarados:

Max CP5332

The other Pokemon also have many more resistances, with Mega Houndoom resisting the same three as Mega Absol as well as Fire, Grass, Ice and Steel-type moves and Mega Gyarados gaining resistances to Fire, Ice, Steel and Water-type moves.

Mega Absol Best Moveset

If you’re planning on grabbing yourself a Mega Absol, this is the best moveset you should be planning to use:

  • Fast Move – Snarl
  • Charged Move – Dark Pulse
  • Charged Move – Payback


Overall, fundamentally, Mega Absol is still a Mega Pokemon so it’s still going to be powerful.

Unfortunately, however, with Mega Gyarados and Mega Houndoom already here and Mega Tyranitar and Mega Sharpedo still to come, it is completely outclassed.

It’s worth getting one for your ‘Dex and if you have none of the other options available, however, just prepare for the fact it won’t be the best of the Mega Evolutions.

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