Who is Mel Medarda in Arcane? How is She Connected With Noxus?

Her connection with Noxus might set up the story for Season 2.

November 20, 2021

After watching the second Act of Arcane, fans wonder if Mel Medarda is somehow connected with Noxus from League of Legends. Well, here’s everything we could gather around the character.

Arcane has introduced several characters from the League of Legends game, including Vi, Jinx, Jayce, Singed, and many more. However, some characters in Netflix’s anime aren’t LoL Champions, making fans wonder how exactly they connect to the video game’s lore.

One of those characters is Mel Medarda, an influential Council member who knows how to manipulate situations to get everything she wants. By now, everyone knows that Mel might have some secret personal plan, and some fans believe that it has something to do with Noxus.

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Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

What is Noxus in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, Noxus is a powerful empire that aggressively expands its boundaries by any means necessary. The culture of Noxus treats its people with respect and equality. Anyone can rise in the ranks in the Noxus empire irrespective of their wealth, class, or background. However, because of being crushed from every corner, Noxus people learn how to take the fight to the enemies.

Noxus empire flaunts some mighty warriors, including Cassiopeia, Vladimir, Darius, Draven, and many more. To gain the upper hand in the war, Noxus leaves spies in the enemy empires, including Piltover. In LoL’s lore, Caitlyn is investigating the Noxian spies in Piltover.

Who is Mel Medarda?

In Arcane, Mel Medarda is an influential member of the Council; however, Mel is more cunning than other members. That is why she supports Jayce in his path to create Hextech more prominent. She also asks Jayce to use the technology to power up their defenses against the Undercity.

Also, it’s important to note that Mel was introduced in Arcane, but she isn’t a Champion in League of Legends.

Who Voices Mel Medarda?

Riot Games confirmed that Toks Olagundoye is the voice actor for Mel Medarda in Arcane. Besides Riot’s LoL series, the actor is known for giving her voice in other animated shows like Reign of the Supermen and Steven Universe the Movie.

How Mel is Connected With Noxus?

In the second Act of Arcane, Mel confirms to Jayce that she was exiled from her family, as she fell short of “Medarda standards.” While she talks with Jayce, we can see the painting Mel was working on in the episode.

Interestingly, Mel’s painting had Noxus ships in it along with The Immortal Bastion fortress. In LoL’s lore, a powerful Revenant built Immortal Bastion, but several tribes united against him. After defeating the Revenant, these tribes form the nation of Noxus. So, Mel drawing the Immortal Bastion pretty much confirms her connection with Noxus.

Image – Riot/Arcane

Finally, in the final Arcane Act, it was confirmed that Mel was indeed banished from Noxus. In fact, it was her own mother who threw her away from the empire. Interestingly, we see Mel’s mother arriving at Piltover to meet her daughter, telling Mel that they had lost her brother.

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