Is Moon Knight Season 2 Officially Confirmed By Marvel Studios?

Here's everything we know about the show's renewal.

May 4, 2022

Marvel Studios finally released the much-awaited sixth episode of Moon Knight, and after watching the final episode, fans wonder if the studio has confirmed Season 2 of the series. Well, here’s everything we know about the show’s renewal status.

Moon Knight is another mini-series from Marvel that has left the community speechless. Oscar Isaac has done an incredible job at bringing Marc Spector and Steven Grant to life. The show expands the already massive Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing Egyptian deities and Moon Knight to the mix.

The first season of Moon Knight mainly revolved around Marc and Steven’s struggle to get along with each other. While dealing with the emotional and mental trauma, Marc has to find a way of defeating Arthur Harrow. Similar to Marc, Harrow was an avatar of Khonshu, but he later thought that Khonshu’s method of justice was incomplete. So, Arthur sides with Ammit, who judges people even before they commit a crime.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Isn’t Officially Confirmed

When writing this post, Marvel Studios didn’t officially confirm that Moon Knight will return for Season 2. However, the community is certain that the show will get a second installment.

Recently, Marvel Studios put out a post on Twitter in which they addressed the sixth episode as the “season finale”. The Twitter handle first said “series finale” in their tweet, but they later changed it to “Season finale.” So, this mistake from the studio makes Marvel fans think that episode 6 isn’t the end of the series, and Moon Knight will return for more seasons.

Originally, Marvel Studios stated Moon Knight is a mini-series, implying that it will only get one season. However, the studio implies the same thing for Loki, and they later went ahead with season 2 of the MCU series. So, it would not be surprising if the studio has the same plans for Moon Knight.

Of course, we can’t be sure about season 2 until we hear something official from the show creators. Nevertheless, the final episode of Moon Knight season 1 has just arrived, so if the studio has planned a season 2, we might get a confirmation soon, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

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