Is PlayStation Vita Pets Sony’s Nintendogs?

Is PlayStation Vita Pets Sony’s Nintendogs?

For anyone who has ever wanted that Disney experience, where animals can talk and have funny or silly personality, it seems like Sony has just the game for you. PlayStation Vita Pets gives you the same pet-loving, pet-playing, pet-dressing experience, but with the additional fun of “pets with personality.”

As you can see in the trailer below, this amounts to pets that can talk with you while going on adventures, while you choose outfits for them, and, well, after they make a mess of things…


“Uh, you’re going to clean up after me, right?”

The game will allow you to choose from one of four puppies, each with their own personality, sense of humor, and character traits. When PS Vita Pets is coming has yet to be announced, but whether Sony can take over the portable pet sim theme is a better question. Can talking dogs and adventures win you over? Check out the trailer and screengrabs and let us know in the comments below.