Is Project Natal PlayStation EyeToy All Over Again?

While Nintendo has innovated the console gaming realm with the first controller-based motion detection system in the Wii, Sony and Microsoft are now seeking to cash in on this.  One of the ways that Microsoft is planning to do this is with a little webcam/ software bundle called Project Natal.  Although people who support this idea in theory, even though it has not been released yet, would say that this is a dead argument the PlayStation EyeToy has done everything that Natal is about to do, before.  That’s right, and if you think I’m wrong then read more, you be the judge.

So people are going crazy over this Natal thing, even with the exposure of a delay from user input timing in at over a tenth of a second consistently, the would-be Natal fan-base has been placated by Peter Molyneux’s comments that there have been “endless updates” to the Natal and surely it will be great.  His boldface lies in the gaming industry are widespread and well known, not to mention this guy has a knack for incomplete game design in his games.  Black and White and Fable are prime examples of what I’m talking about here, great game ideas with no follow through equals a very sloppy game experience that feels incomplete.

I digress, casual gamers are probably in for a treat real soon, family gamers too but my question here relates to hardcore gamers, should they be as excited as they are about this thing?  Personally, I see Sony’s motion detection as the more reasonable choice for hardcore gamers.  Sure it will cost more, mainly because of the ability to wield two controllers at once, but it has triggers and the abilities of a real 1:1 input system, which will in theory prove a much more fluid and enjoyable gameplay experience.  Are casual gamers better off with the Nintendo Wii Wii-mote and Wii-Motion Plus than this outdated Natal?  You be the judge and tell us what you think, take a look at the video below for a few examples and keep in mind difference between Project Natal games and PlayStation EyeToy games in graphics isn’t a big deal here since the Natal is up against the Wii and PS3 not the PS2.

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