Is Radiant Historia Attempting What Chrono Trigger Perfected?

By Chad Awkerman

August 2, 2010

If you followed our news last week, you’ll know that ex-triAce developers who worked on Radiata Stories for the PS2 are now working with Atlus to develop a new RPG for the Nintendo DS, aptly titled Radiant Historia. As the name might suggest, there is time travel involved. Of course, the first RPG that pops into any fan’s mind is Chrono Trigger, which seemed, for many, to be the end-all, be-all of time travel RPGs. While for a time it was hard to get your hands on a copy of the game, Square-Enix ported it over to the Nintendo DS not that long ago.

Now comes Radiant Historia and the question must be asked – is it going to attempt what Chrono Trigger perfected? Chrono Trigger featured a story where the characters had to travel through time to save the world from destruction. In fact, not too far into the game you see that destruction first-hand, and are motivated from that point on to help prevent it from happening.

What is interesting about Radiant Historia is that it has the same basic premise. The hero, Stock, travels through time to prevent a tragedy from happening. However, something is different here. While he travels through time, he changes events so that different timeline are created. The game even has a fancy chart to help you keep track of different times periods, as well as different parallel time lines.

While it remains to be seen if Atlus is trying to tap into the magic that was Chrono Trigger, or just focus the story on time travel because it is still a narrative mechanic that is rarely used (or both?), only time will tell. We know very little about Radiant Historia at this point, but the game looks like one to keep an eye on as we move forward. Hit the jump for a couple new screens of the title.

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