GO Fest 2021: Are Regirock, Regice and Registeel Good? Best Moveset + Shiny Status

July 17, 2021

The trio of Regirock, Regice and Registeel are some of the most common Legendary Raid bosses in Pokemon GO history.

The Legendary Titans were most recently in raids this past May but they have been around many, many times before.

Now, during GO Fest Day Two, the Giants have returned to Five-Star raids alongside 34 other Legendary Pokemon.

But are Regirock, Regice and Registeel good and is it worth investing your Raid Passes and time into them?

Can The Legendary Titans, Regirock, Regice and Registeel be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

The short answer is yes. Regirock, Regice and Registeel have been available in their Shiny Forms since the “A Colossal Discovery” event all the way back in November 2019. This event also saw the release of Regigigas into the game.

Unfortunately, all three are pretty underwhelming as Shiny Pokemon.

Both Regirock and Regice are slightly different shades of their original colours. Registeel on the other hand is a little more interesting, turning from a steely-grey to more of a green colour.

As the trio are Legendary Pokemon, players will benefit from a much better Shiny rate. The odds are down from 1 in 500 to 1 in 20.

Is Regirock Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Surprisingly, the trio are some of the most versatile in the whole of Pokemon GO, making their mark across all three PVP divisions.

Regirock is a shining example of this, ranking in the top 30 Pokemon in each of the three PVP Leagues, according to PVPoke.

It comes in at 19th place in the Great League, 10th in the Ultra League and 29th in the Master League. You can’t really go wrong putting the Rock Titan in any of your teams – just be aware you’ll need a lot of XL Candies to make it really viable in the Master League.

Its best moveset is as follows:

  • Fast Move – Lock On
  • Charge Move – Stone Edge
  • Charge Move – Focus Blast

Is Regice Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Regice doesn’t quite hit the heights of its Rock-type counterpart but still makes a respectable dent in the PVP meta.

Its worst performance comes in the Great League, where it ranks 105th, however, still picks up solid wins against Altaria, Umbreon and Venusaur.

It then goes from its worst to its best performance in the Ultra League. Regice comes in at 21st place here beating two of the division’s most formidable Pokemon, Giratina and Togekiss.

Regice also does well in the Master League due to the abundance of Dragon-types. This helps it pick up wins against Togekiss, Dragonite, Garchomp and Zekrom, forcing it into 46th place.

The best moveset for Regice is:

  • Fast Move – Lock On
  • Charge Move – Blizzard
  • Charge Move – Earthquake

Is Registeel Good in Pokemon GO? What’s its Best Moveset?

Arguably, the cream of the crop though is Registeel.

It’s one of the most dominant forces in the Great League, coming in at 8th place and causing fear in every trainer’s eyes once it appears.

However, despite being an incredible effort, Regice manages to rank higher than eighth place, coming in as the best Pokemon in the Ultra League. Although not invincible, when powered up with XL Candies, you won’t currently find a more usable Pokemon than Regice.

Registeel’s weakest performance comes in the Master League, ranking at 76th place. Despite this though, it does still beat some of the division’s top threats, including Dialga, Togekiss and Zekrom

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