Is Roblox Adding Refunds And Being Sued in 2021? Lawsuit Explained

Here is all you need to know about the lawsuit filed against Roblox.

Roblox has been one of the most popular games since its launch and is loved by players of all ages. The developers have a number of updates lined up for the game, including a voice chat feature which the community is asking for quite a while now.

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Roblox was making headlines a few days ago after the company went public and it launched its IPO. Recently, fans have been quite worried about the news that Roblox is being sued and a lawsuit is being filed against it, which is making many players believe that Roblox will be changing its refund policy. Here is all you need to know about it.

Roblox: Super Striker League Trailer

Roblox: Super Striker League Trailer

Is Roblox Being Sued in 2021? Lawsuit Explained

Roblox has been sued because it deleted items from the in-game shop, and didn’t provide refunds for the same. As Insider reports, Michigan dad John Dennis and his daughter have filed a lawsuit against the gaming giant, claiming that the company is doing “sham content moderation”.

The company had sold items and then removed it from the inventory of players. When players asked for refunds, they were denied the same without citing proper reasons for the same.

The petitioner states that they had bought digital pajamas and jeans from the in-game shop using Robux. For those who are unaware, Robux is the in-game currency which can be bought using real money.

According to them, this Roblox‘s entire content moderation process is just a means to generate additional revenue. It further adds, “(The company’s) decision to sell first and ‘moderate’ later has (an) obvious monetary benefit for Roblox. By the time defendant has deleted items from the Avatar Shop and users’ inventories, it has already taken its 30% commission from the sale.” 

It remains to be seen what action is taken based on the lawsuit and whether Roblox is compelled to alter its refund policy.

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