Is Samsung Eyeing the Gaming Industry?

Korean tech Juggernaut Samsung is sending out letters to it’s affiliates giving them notice that the company is looking into the games industry “frontier.” While the industry really has been more of a bloated industrial giant lately rather than a frontier, it’s still exciting news to think that there might be another big player around to shake up the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft triumvirate that currently dominates the gaming world. Its too early to say what they’re up to, or even if they will follow through, but the article does claim that Samsung is hiring game developers, possibly for first-party titles though that seems unlikely.

While Samsung has denied in the past that they are making any sort of gaming console, it would fit the company much more, since their entire business is electronic hardware. Could they be working on a console, or a handheld? I’d say a handheld would be more likely. Samsung is rapidly growing its smartphone line and actively looking to take down Apple and become king of the phone roost, so I suppose they could be making apps, but it would also stand to reason they might go for a gaming handheld as well. After all, if they have factories set up to make today’s smartphones, how hard can it be to retool one for a gaming handheld? Don’t expect to see anything official for about a year I’d say. We might hear something at next year’s E3 but it’s a long shot.

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