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Is Solo Leveling Finished? Manhwa Ending Explained

Is it the end of the road for Solo Leveling?

December 29, 2021

Solo Leveling Webtoon creators recently released chapter 179 of the popular manhwa series. After reading the latest chapter, fans wonder if the webtoon has finished. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Published by D&C Webtoon, Solo Leveling is a popular Korean manhwa based on a web novel of the same name. It follows the journey of Sung Jin-Woo, who unintentionally gets on the path to become the strongest hunter.

In the recent chapters, we saw Sung Jin-Woo fighting against the Monarch of Destruction. Antares was undoubtedly one of the most powerful opponents Jin-Woo has ever faced. However, Jin-Woo uses everything in his power to save Earth from Antares.

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Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Is Solo Leveling Manhwa Finished?

D&C Webtoon officially confirmed on Twitter that Chapter 179 serves as the final chapter of Solo Leveling. So, YES, Sung Jin-Woo’s journey has finally come to an end after giving us several remarkable moments.

Solo Leveling Ending Explained

In the final chapter, Sung Jin-Woo comes back to Earth in his teen form; however, he still possesses the incredible power of the Shadow Monarch. Thanks to his immense powers, Jin-Woo successfully saved everyone on his planet. But when he comes back to Earth, he is greeted with a message from the rulers.

The message from rulers states that Shadow Monarch’s great power could impact everything. According to them, a world without Mana is way too weak to handle Jin-Woo’s powers. Also, now that every problem in this world has been solved, there’s no reason for Jin-Woo to stay here. So, they request Jin-woo to transfer to another world that could handle his powers. However, Jin-woo gets furious, thinking that Rulers want to get rid of him after he has fulfilled his purpose. So, Jin-woo asks to continue this conversation sometime later. After that, Jin-woo starts thinking is he has become an existence that this place doesn’t need. However, Jin-woo comes to the conclusion that he’ll stay in this world for the people he loves.

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