Is the Black Ops: Cold War Outbreak Zombies Mode Limited or is it Permanent?

Outbreak mode is here, but is it here to stay?

The last few days have been a relative banquet for Call of Duty fans. As a variety of the games, including Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone moved into Season Two, a swathe of changes were implemented. These changes included new guns, new maps, new Warzone locations and most importantly – Zombies. The undead have made their way to Verdansk, as well into Cold War in Outbreak. With the changes just taking place though, is the Cold War Outbreak Mode permanent, or does it have an end date?

What is Outbreak Mode in Cold War?

According to the official Call of Duty post, Outbreak Mode is “a brand-new squad-based Zombies experience set in massive play spaces throughout the Ural Mountains.” It sees players squad up, explore huge locations, unlock new weapons and items and most importantly, mow down hordes of Zombies.

In the mode, players need to “complete dangerous experiments” in order to survive and progress through to the next stages.

Is the Cold War Outbreak Mode permanent?

It looks that way! While there are currently s a range of special events and rewards which aren’t around for long, according to Call of Duty Twitter account charlieINTEL the Outbreak Mode itself is here to stay. They say “it’s available in Cold War permanently after S2 launches” which is great for fans.

As for the Outbreak event, that’s running until March 11, so players still have almost two weeks to complete the fun.

What changes came to Warzone?

Warzone saw some of its biggest changes yet. There is a range of new weapons, bunkers and silos but most importantly a major new location – Shipwreck. The cargo tanker that was seemingly approaching Verdansk made contact with the coastline near the prison, bringing with it its own Zombie problem.

It’s anticipated that the undead will slowly escape from the Shipwreck, spreading their way across the fictional city of Verdansk. Once they have spread, players are expecting the silos to nuke the city, bringing wholesale changes towards a more Black Ops focused map.

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