Is The Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Event Ticket Worth It?

Does the cost outweigh the rewards?

June 3, 2022

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is nearly upon us and once again is offering players an event ticket to get full access to the festivities, but the question is whether or not that ticket is worth it.

Once an only in-person event, Pokemon GO Fest has become the game’s biggest event of the year by having it take place all around the world no matter where you are located.

Niantic has done a good job at making sure that even those that do not pay for the event can have a good time, but that also makes some people question if the ticket itself is worth buying for Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Since Pokemon GO has held GO Fest as a global event for everyone to enjoy, they have sold event tickets through the in-game shop. This started in 2020 with a cost of $14.99 that some people saw as a little bit too expensive overall.

Niantic decided to make a change last year for the game’s fifth anniversary with GO Fest 2021, which instead dropped the price to $5. Some were hoping this would stay the price, though it was very unlikely considering other events like this year’s GO Tour Johto event cost more.

Just like the event two years ago, Pokemon GO Fest 2022 once again has returned to the $14.99 price point, which makes the question of whether the ticket is worth it or not all the more important.

What Do You Get With The Event Ticket?

Pokemon GO Fest is once again a two-day event this year taking place on Saturday, June 4, and Sunday, June 5, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm local time each day.

As with most of the non-Community Day event tickets in Pokemon GO, there is a lot of added content for those that purchase the ticket in multiple different ways, which are split across the two days.

To start, there are a few ticket-exclusive features that will be available for both days of the event. The first of these is that you can earn up to nine free Raid Passes by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms. Spinning these Gyms or PokeStops will also give you special event stickers. Lastly, you can take up to five snapshots during the event hours for what Niantic is calling a surprise.

Starting with Saturday, buying the ticket will be the only way to gain access to a new Special Research that introduces a brand new Pokemon to the game with Land Forme Shaymin. The Special Research will also reward you with an event-exclusive avatar item and special pose.

The majority of the Pokemon spawning during GO Fest will be available to everyone, but having an event ticket will give players two big advantages. The first of these is that shiny rates will be greatly increased for those playing with the event ticket while using Incense, with Saturday having a higher shiny rate than Sunday. Secondly, using Incense will also have ticket-exclusive spawns for each of the habitats, including the regional exclusive Tropius and Torkoal.

Purchasing the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 event ticket will also provide you with four separate Collection Challenges based on the four rotating habitats, each with its own medal and rewards to earn.

As we have seen in the past, there will also be a Global Challenge Arena where ticket owners will work together to unlock special bonuses for the remainder of that respective hour.

Sunday’s part of the event is much less ticket-focused, as there are only a few exclusives. First is a new Special Research story that will become available after the completion of one that will be for all players that day, but only for event ticket owners.

Just like on Saturday, the ticket-exclusive Incense spawns will be available during the same hours as the day prior, though the shiny rates will not be as high.

Lastly, Team GO Rocket balloons will be appearing more often and will provide you with twice the Mysterious Components as usual upon defeating the Team GO Rocket Grunts.

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Is It Worth It?

This is something that is really going to be up to the player themselves and how much they are going to get out of it, but we believe that the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 ticket is definitely worth the price of admission.

While not the bargain that last year’s event was, $14.99 is still very affordable and is giving players plenty to do for the event, especially on Saturday. Not only are there the exclusive Special Researches and Collection Challenges, but this is the only way for players to find and catch the regional exclusives Tropius and Torkoal outside of their respective regions.

Shinies are always one of the most sought-after things in Pokemon GO and having the ticket will help you to get even more during the event. This is also a case of your mileage may vary, since some players always seem to get more shinies than others in events like this due to the RNG factor. However, the vast increase in shinies is almost always worth it.

We did not even mention it above, but Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is a special case this year where it’s not only the two-day event on June 4 and June 5, but also a special one-day event in late August.

By purchasing this ticket, you will also gain access to that event for no extra cost on August 27. Tickets for that event by themselves will be $10.99 later, so you are essentially paying $4 for this event on its own if you were planning on purchasing that one later too.

For all the reasons we have listed above, we believe that the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 event ticket is very worth it for players. Just make sure to take advantage of everything it offers while the event takes place this weekend.

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