Is the PSP2 Truly a Handheld Console?

on January 27, 2011 12:00 PM

Is the PSP2 Truly a Handheld Console?Now that the details on the successor to the PSP 2 has finally been announced, the competition between it and the 3DS is sure to be a subject of debate for the coming weeks. One big question though has been asnwered by Kotaku; how big is this thing? The answer is that it’s pretty damn big. Take a look at the graph they’ve included above which compares the PSP-2 to the 3DS, PSPgo and iPhone 4, among others.

At what point does a handheld system stop being portable? I think we might be at that point. The last person whose pockets could fit that monster were the guys I knew in High School that wore JNCO jeans.


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