Is the Super Robot Wars 30th Anniversary Game Still Happening?

Will Super Robot Wars get a new game for its 30th anniversary?

Bandai Namco held a new live stream for the Super Robot Wars series on March 5, revealing new details on mobile games SRW X-Ω (Cross Omega) and SRW DD. However, the most important is how near the end of the stream, Super Robot Wars producer Takanobu Terada teased a new announcement for the series. The Super Robot Taisen series was started by Bandai in 1991 and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in April 2021. However, Bandai Namco didn’t announce anything yet, so many fans are anxious.  We summarized and translated producer Terada’s message below.

Producer Terada’s Message Regarding Super Robot Wars Cross Omega Shutting Down

As the stream was about to end, producer Terada shared a message to the fans. As you might have already heard, Super Robot Wars Cross Omega is shutting down on March 30, 2021. Terada brought up the subject, and how he had a supervisor role for the game. Mainly only directing the trailers, brainstorming for jokes, and looking over the work of Cross Omega producer Hiroaki Oochi.

Terada mentioned the early days of SRW Cross Omega were particularly painful for producer Oochi, who did everything to make the game a success. Despite all of the odds being against him. Oochi most notably managed to bring in several crazy series and collabs for the game (from Minky Momo to Space Sheriff Gavan). Always asking Terada to make the reveal trailers.

Terada added that Oochi, as part of a younger generation, made a different type of Super Robot Wars game that he could have never done himself. With a new direction for the series. Terada also admitted that he thought SRW Cross Omega would last two or three years at most, and didn’t think it’d end up going on for five years. So he’s very grateful to the fans for supporting the game until now. Oochi was crying as he listened to Terada’s praise. On the same subject regarding generation gaps, Terada also jokingly mentioned he’s the one who told Yuki Nagaku (Meg’s seiyuu in SRW DD) to read Devilman.

Lastly, producer Takanobu Terada teased a new announcement for the series.

Takanobu Terada: “I’m hearing a lot of people saying “aren’t you going to announce something more”? Well I think it’ll come sooner than what you expect so please be more patient. So if you’re asking me “is there something “more””, the answer is yes, but I can’t tell you what this “something more” is yet. I can only tell you there’s “more”. I hope you’ll keep supporting the Super Robot Wars series.”

You can listen to producer Terada’s message at the 1:55:48 timestamp of the stream, linked below.

Super Robot Wars Stream Nama Suparobo Channel March 5, 2021

Many SRW fans are waiting for a new game to be announced for the 30th anniversary, like a new SRW OG game. Especially because the series mainly follows a yearly release schedule, but no new game was released in 2020. Though the pandemic definitely is to blame as well.

Super Robot Wars DD launched on mobile on August 21, 2019. The latest console game of the series, Super Robot Wars T, launched on PS4 and Switch on March 20, 2019. Judging from the latest releases of the series, the next console game should be launching on PS4, Switch, and Steam. It could be cross generation with PS5 as well.

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