Is There A Shiny Nosepass in Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour June 2022?

June 7, 2022

Pokemon Go‘s latest Spotlight Hour adds Nosepass as the featured Pokemon and fans are curious to know whether it can be shiny or not.

For the first Spotlight Hour of June 2022, we have Nosepass as the featured Pokemon. If you have taken part in the event before, you might be well aware of the fact that it kicks off at 6 pm local time and goes on till 7 pm local time. During the event, players will find Nosepass more often in the wild, so it is a great time to catch some if you don’t have it already, or simply get some candies to evolve Nosepass. To make things even better, the event bonus gives you twice the amount of candy you usually get so you should definitely catch as many Pokemon as possible during this event.

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Nosepass was added back in Generation 3 and hails from the Hoenn region. It is a Rock-type Pokemon, which evolves into Probopass which is a Rock-Steel Type Pokemon. Just like the anime, there is quite a unique way to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go. Ideally, players would use Pokemon candies to evolve a Pokemon. However, with Nosepass, just having candies isn’t enough. Instead, you need to give the candies when you are near a Pokestop with a magnetic lure model activated.

If you are wondering whether is a Shiny Nosepass in Pokemon Go, there is some good news for you as a shiny variant does exist. Unlike some other Pokemon, it shouldn’t be quite hard to spot a shiny variant of Nosepass given the fact that it is yellow in color. The event doesn’t boost shiny rates, so the probability of getting a shiny still remains the same. However, considering that the frequency of spawn increases drastically, you still have a great chance of getting a shiny Nosepass.

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