Is This Dead or Alive 5’s Official Box Art?

Is This Dead or Alive 5’s Official Box Art? has updated its listing for Dead or Alive 5 with what appears to be official box art. While this supposed cover art does use official promotional art from the game, there are a couple of reasons that I don’t think this is legit.

Firstly, It seems unlikely that the very first image Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja officially released for their game would end up being used for the final box art. The image in question is very similar to the first promo image released for Ninja Gaiden 3. That wasn’t used for NG3 cover art, so I doubt this image will be used for DOA5 cover art.

Furthermore, it looks incredibly tacky and lame. Past covers for series games included multiple characters, as evidenced in the covers of DOA2, DOA4 and DOA:Dimensions. For now this box art is tentative at best, and in my opinion unlikely to be used in the final product. We’ll know for sure closer to Dead or Alive 5‘s Sepetmber release date.