Is This inFAMOUS’ The Beast?

Is This inFAMOUS’ The Beast?


The Beast…the entity that single handedly ruined the life and world of inFAMOUS’ Cole MacGrath. So much so that Cole was forced to travel back in time and warn his past self of the upcoming doom. This monstrosity has only been seen in a quick and vague, comic book-based “cutscene” (featured image above) that inFAMOUS is known for. What are the odds that at an interactive art (music and film) convention would give us a first 3D, in-game look at this “world conqueror”? Well at South by Southwest a picture was taken of a certain individual playing an inFAMOUS 2 demo. The image on the TV screen, in the picture, may or may not be The Beast. You can decipher yourself whether or not the image after the break is inFAMOUS’ antagonist.


What you see in the snapshot above these words is the actress Rosario Dawson playing an inFAMOUS 2 demo at the South by Southwest convention. The TV image sure looks a lot like The Beast’s comic book styling featured above doesn’t it? Of course this raises the question as to why an enemy with such mystery and hype would be shown in a demo to a video game. Perhaps The Beast arrives in inFAMOUS 2 much sooner than anyone anticipated?

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