Is This Pickaxe in Skyrim a Nod to Notch and Minecraft?

By John Colaw

November 14, 2011

I have to admit, when I first saw this piece I immediately shrugged it off and thought people were reading too much into things, until I saw the name of the tool. The back and forth between Bethesda and Mojang over the name of the latter’s new game Scrolls and the long living Elder Scrolls series of games has been going on for awhile, and it reached interesting levels in the games themselves recently with Notch revealing that he was adding dragons to Minecraft . It seems Bethesda share a similar level of respect, as a special pickaxe called the Notched Pickaxe has been found in Skyrim.

At this point it feels like the whole lawsuit business is basically something out of Bethesda’s hands and probably stemmed from lawyers in the first place, but one way or the other this is pretty neat.


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