Is This the Reversible Cover for the U.S. Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles?

Is This the Reversible Cover for the U.S. Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles?

Nintendo posed a question to its Facebook fans earlier this week: Which of four new pieces of original art should grace the reverse side of the Xenoblades Chronicles cover when the game releases in the U.S.? Folks could “like” the graphic they thought was best and The Big N would take it from there. Well, voting ended last night and if you take a gander at the totals in the gallery, the image above is the one with the most, with 3,064 at the time of writing.

The graphic with the second-most likes (2,979), depicts Shulk in the foreground with the Monado blade at his back. That’s a pretty slim margin — fewer than 100 votes separate the winner from the loser here. If you want to take a look at what could have been, we’ve got all four images in a gallery after the jump.

It looks like Nintendo’s really pulling out all the stops when it comes to this game. After all, it was only localized after fans clamored to bring it stateside after its European release. It’s also part of a trio of titles Operation Rainfall lobbied The Big N to release across the pond, the other two being The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.

Keep in mind that until Nintendo issues a statement or announcement, none of these is the official reversible cover art. But the graphic pictured above does have the most votes, so unless the other piece had an extra vote or two more at exactly midnight last night, it’s likely this is what’s being shipped with North American copies of the game.

Then again, what would have been wrong with issuing all four covers and making these things collectors’ items?