Is Viktor Evil In League of Legends' Arcane?

He is also known as The Machine Herald in LoL.

November 7, 2021

After watching the first three episodes of Arcane on Netflix, fans wonder who exactly is Viktor in Arcane and is he evil in League of Legends. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the character.

Riot Games’ Arcane is one of the most popular anime series to watch right now, especially if you’re a big fan of League of Legends. Set in LoL’s massive universe, the anime features several characters from the MOBA title, including Vi, Jinx, Vander, and many more.

However, Arcane, in some way, serves as a prequel to League of Legends lore. So, the characters in anime look a lot different from how we know them in the game.

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Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Who is Viktor in Arcane?

Note: This section contains spoilers for the Arcane anime series and League of Legends game

In Netflix’s Arcane series, Viktor was introduced as the assistant to the dean of The Academy. After Jayce’s unauthorized experiments to “create magic” turn the heads of the council, Viktor informs Jayce that he will have to present his case in front of council members.

After ruthlessly accepting that he was working on magic, Jayce gets expelled from the academy. Also, Heimerdinger states to Viktor that all of Jayce’s work will be destroyed. On one side, Heimerdinger thinks that Piltover is safer with no trace of magic because this power in the wrong hands could be disastrous. On the other hand, Viktor realizes the potential in Jayce and offers to work with him so they can “change the world” together. After breaking into Heimerdinger’s lab, Viktor and Jayce finally complete their experiment, thus proving that Jayce’s theory on magic was correct.

In the first three episodes of Arcane, Viktor is presented as a good guy who prevents Jayce from committing suicide. He is an ambitious guy who rises from the undercity and wants to impact the world through his work positively. However, League of Legends’ players knows this character a bit differently.

Is Viktor Evil in League Of Legends?

In League of Legends, Viktor is also known as The Machine Herald, and he is described as a villain who can go to any lengths to unlock humanity’s true potential. However, some players also see him as an anti-hero who wants to do noble things even if he has to commit severe crimes to achieve his goals.

Viktor wants to create a mechanical future, thinking that it could save many lives. However, he is constantly ridiculed by his narrow-minded colleagues at Piltover. So, after getting pushed to the ground several times, he returns to his old lab in Zaun. There, Viktor realizes that his emotions are only holding him back. So, he performs a self-surgery to replace certain parts of his brain with mechanical circuitry. Finally, with no feelings left inside of him, Viktor becomes the villain we know in LoL, The Machine Herald.

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