Is YouTube Ruining the Gaming Experience?

Is YouTube Ruining the Gaming Experience?


In this day and age, YouTube has become a giant presence in our daily lives. We have it on our phones, use it to learn how to cook, catch up on our favorite shows, and the list can go on and on. As a gamer, my main use for YouTube is (to no one’s surprise) to watch gaming related videos. I watch gaming reviews, previews, gameplay footage and even unboxing videos, as well. After years of use for my gaming needs, I have concluded that YouTube has ruined some aspects of the gaming experience for me. Before any of you point this out, I understand that I have the option to just not use YouTube, but, like many other people, I just have no self-control!

The first aspect I want to touch upon is how videos of people playing games very well have ruined my motivation to be good at them. When I watch videos of people playing a game to perfection or doing an amazing speed run, it makes me feel like crap. It tells me that I will never be that good, I should give up and move on to the next game. I remember a time when I was oblivious to the fact that there were gamers other than myself out there that are way better. I would practice various games and try to master them as best as I can. Now, I know there are gamers better than me and there are videos to prove it.


Videos on YouTube have also cut down a lot of my playtime on certain games. Are you asking yourself what’s causing this? The answer is the uploading of cutscenes! I used to finish games multiple times just to see my favorite cutscenes. Now that I have YouTube, I can watch them all in sequence without working for them. It’s the lazy way out, but back then I didn’t have the option. I would have to beat the game if I wanted to watch the ending, again. YouTube has truly saved me a lot of time, but it has cut down the amount of time I used to play video games. It makes me feel like a dirty, cheating loser.

It is undeniable that YouTube has ruined the gaming experience for every gamer at least a little. I used to pop a game in just because I liked some of the in-game music, but not anymore thanks to YouTube. I used to play Mortal Kombat just to see some of the fatalities performed, but not anymore thanks to YouTube. I used to get stuck in difficult parts in some games, but not anymore thanks to YouTube. YouTube is a virus in this gamer’s life and there is no treatment. If any of you reading are going through the same thing, please let me know I’m not alone.