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Is Yuga Aoyama The Real U.A. Traitor in My Hero Academia?

An interesting turn of events.

December 2, 2021

The previous My Hero Academia chapter made us believe that Toru Hagakure is the U.A. traitor. However, some leaks for Chapter 336 suggests that it is someone else who’s actually working for “All For One.”

My Hero Academia is finally at a point where our heroes feel that they can defeat Shigaraki and All for One. Thanks to Star and Stripe’s efforts, multiple quirks inside AFO have been destroyed, creating an opening for Deku and others. However, things will only get difficult for the heroes when they find out that someone close to them has been working for AFO all along.

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My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Spoilers Reveals the U.A. Traitor

Chapter 336, titled “Villain,” kicks off with Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugou training. Bakugou explains that it was Endeavor who taught him the Cluster technique. At the same time, we also see Todoroki trying to get control of both halves of his body.

In another panel, we see the prison where the heroes are holding Gigantomachia. With Machia imprisoned, Kaminari and Mineta think that they can now easily defeat the enemy.

Bakugou bursts everyone’s bubble by stating that All For One must have a plan B to overwhelm the U.A. Firstly, they never found out where AFO was hiding after his first defeat against All Might. Secondly, Shigaraki created a lot of trouble for them even in his weakened stage. So, defeating AFO isn’t as easy as they think.

Finally, we see Hagakure in the forest, where she hears about someone who “has” to follow “his” orders. Shockingly, this person isn’t happy since the war ended, and he didn’t even smile once after Midoria returned. Eventually, Hagarkure heads to this person’s house, who’s actually Yuga Aoyama. She hears Aoyama’s parents saying that he has to follow AFO’s orders or else they would all be killed. In short, this panel confirms that it is, in fact, Aoyama who’s the real U.A. traitor.

Shockingly, Aoyama has been following AFO’s orders since year one, and he was the one who gave up the location of the training camp. In a small flashback, we see that Aoyama was born without a quirk, and it was AFO who granted him one. What’s sad is that Aoyama is consumed by guilt after constantly betraying his friends, and he’s only following AFO’s orders to save his family.

After this, we see Deku reaching the spot after hearing from Hagakure about the traitor. Deku confronts Aoyama and his parents, and while the parents deny everything, Aoyama breaks down and says, “I am a disgusting villain, Midoriya.”

Interestingly, the previous chapter’s end made gave us the impression Hagakure is the U.A. traitor. However, in reality, she was the one who was investigating all this time to find out the identity of the real traitor, Aoyama.

Of course, these are the leaks for chapter 336, so they may not be completely accurate. So, make sure to read the official chapter once it’s out on Viz.

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