Pokemon GO: Is Zamazenta Good, Can it Be Shiny & What's its Best Moveset

By Sam Woods

August 25, 2021

We’re now approaching the second half of the third part of the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock events.

The first half of part three saw a bunch of new Pokemon that originated in the Galar Region debut in the game, including a few fan favourites, plus Pokemon Sword’s mascot Legendary, Zacian.

Now, as we move into the second half of the event, Zacian’s counterpart, Zamazenta is joining Five-Star Raid Battles in Pokemon GO.

The question is though, is Zamazenta good in Pokemon GO and what’s its best moveset? Also, what are the chances, if at all, of you being able to find a shiny one? Let’s take a look.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Hisui region Trailer

Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Hisui region Trailer

Can it be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Like Zacian, players will be unable to find Zamazenta’s Hero of Many Battles Form in its shiny variant in Pokemon GO. At least this time out anyway.

As Niantic likes to do, the pair’s Shiny Forms are likely being held back for an event further down the line.

Its Shiny Form is at least available to look at for those interested and is a stark contrast to its regular colour scheme, changing from red with blue accents, to pink with red ones.

Is Zamazenta Good in Pokemon Go and What’s its Best Moveset?

Unfortunately, Zamazenta performs worse than its counterpart Zacian. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though.

Like the Pokemon Sword mascot, it’s not even worth considering it for the Great or Ultra Leagues, however, it does have some usage in the Master League.

PVPoke rates Zamazenta as the 45th best choice in the division when it has been powered up with XL Candies to level 50 and it picks up some big wins along the way.

Zamazenta beats the likes of Dialga, Giratina, Yveltal, Garchom and more tricky foes within the league, however, does succumb to some of the more difficult ones like Togekiss, Groudon and Lugia.

If you are planning on using it, here’s the best Zamazenta moveset you can run:

  • Fast Move – Snarl
  • Charged Move – Close Combat
  • Charged Move – Crunch
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