Island Time VR's Trophy List Announced

Flight School's upcoming title Island Time VR's trophies have been revealed, ahead of its official launch, including the value of each trophy offered.

We are less than 24 hours away until Island Time VR officially launches, with that in mind, those looking to pick up this intriguing looking title may now start planning ahead on how to obtain all the trophies available in the title.

Over at, the website has revealed the full list of trophies available in the upcoming action game; this includes the rarity of each trophy. According to the list, Island Time VR has twenty trophies in total (1 Platinum, 8 Gold, 7 Silver, and 4 Bronze).

A close analysis of the list indicates that the game is not very hard to obtain a Platinum trophy in; given that there are only 20 trophies and most of the tasks are relatively easy to achieve. This is a convenient list for those who are looking to gain another Platinum for their PSN account without too much grinding. Some of the most straightforward challenges worth noting include crafting all the tools available in-game, surviving a specific amount of time on the island, scaring a seagull away, and dying in a particular time just to name a few.

As always, you can check out a full list of all the trophies available below this article. For more information on Island Time VR, check out a recent trailer, detailing a few ways your character can die in-game.

Island Time VR is set to be released on  April 3 for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR for $14.99.

Now you o-fish-ally beat the game!Unlock all other trophiesPlatinum
This Might HelpCraft your first toolBronze
The First of ManyDieBronze
Whoops!Die in under 10 secondsBronze
Participation AwardDie 20 timesSilver
Getting The Hang of ItSurvive 5 minutesSilver
TouristSurvive 10 minutesGold
SurvivorSurvive 20 minutesGold
Say SomethingDestroy the BoomboxBronze
A Secret Blend of Herbs and SpicesCook a seagullSilver
The Gill-Free DietGo 3 minutes without eating any fishSilver
Burn It DownBurn the entire islandSilver
Ding Ding Ding!Cook 3 fish at the exact same timeSilver
Speed EaterEat 10 coconut halves in 10 secondsGold
What a ToolCraft a ToolGold
Out of the ParkScare a seagull away by throwing a rock at itSilver
A Bunch of Full Grown SeagullsScare a seagull away by throwing a rubber duck at itGold
BamboozledTrick a seagull into stealing a poisonous fishGold
ConnoisseurEat a starfishGold
Hungry Hungry CastawayEat 100 food itemsGold
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