Itagaki Talks about what makes Devil’s Third Unique from Other Shooters

on February 24, 2012 7:43 PM

We’ve seen next to nothing of Devil’s Third, the debut game from upstart developer Valhalla Games. However, thanks to the single trailer that has been released for the game, we are fairly sure that it is a shooting game or something like it. It certainly couldn’t be just a shooter though, because the project is being headed by the infamous and visionary developer Tomonobu Itagaki. In a recent interview, Itagaki was asked how his team would make Devil’s Third a distinct, stand out shooting game in a market oversaturated by uninspired clones.

His response solidifies one of the first game-play details we have of this elusive title. 

Itagaki clarified that the common popular shooter revolves around game-play that focuses explicitly on the firing and acquiring of guns. He says that the close range combat in these kinds of shooters is usually not well developed or cool. Devil’s Third will differ from its contemporaries by implementing solid, fully developed close range combat. Traces of this combat can be seen in the one and only Devil’s ¬†Third trailer. Shooting games never seem to make close range combat too significant compared to the gun combat, so I do believe Valhalla will bring innovation to the genre if this is done properly.

Devil’s Third currently has a 2013 launch window.

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