It’s Indie Games Galore at PlayStation Experience 2015; Tons of New Indies Showcased

It’s Indie Games Galore at PlayStation Experience 2015; Tons of New Indies Showcased

While PlayStation Experience has always been home to tons of big and epic titles coming from Sony and others, indie games also get their due at the event with this year showing plenty of new indie games to enjoy.

During PlayStation Experience 2015, PlayStation’s Gio Corsi came out to unveil a whole new slate of games coming to PS4 from Adult Swim in 2016, with six new titles unveiled in a montage.

The titles confirmed for PS4 include Death’s GambitRay’s the DeadDuck GameRain WorldSmall Radios, Big Televisions, and Headlander, a collaboration between Adult Swim with developer Double Fine Studios.

Following the Adult Swim announcements, the PlayStation Experience also confirmed the release of other indie games to PS4 such as Klei Entertainment’s Invisible Inc. for PS4 in 2016, and the console exclusive debut of the studio’s Don’t Starve Together next year.

Zodiac Orcannon Odyssey was also revealed as a new action-RPG title for PS4 and PS Vita, while Corsi also confirmed other games coming such as Hitman Go and Brawlhalla, which will have its console exclusive debut on PS4 and feature exclusive content.

Corsi also confirmed The Last Blade 2, the classic NeoGeo fighting title, would also be making its way over to the PS4 and PS Vita in the near future.

Following Corsi’s announcements, other indie titles confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation platforms includes the release of Bastion for PS Vita, Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne for PS4 and PS Vita, and The Bit.Trip, a six-game collection of titles from the Bit.Trip series.