It’s the British Invasion; Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few Kicks Off its Kickstarter Campaign Today

It’s the British Invasion; Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few Kicks Off its Kickstarter Campaign Today

Following the game’s initial reveal back in March, Compulsion Games’ next title We Happy Few, the wacky survival game mixed in with a healthy dose of 1960s-era visuals, is officially kicking off with a new Kickstarter campaign launching today.

Developer Compulsion Games’ Kickstarter campaign for We Happy Few is officially live as of today, with the project seeking funding of $250,000 total alongside numerous rewards and tiers available for backers at varying prices, ranging from digital copies of the game to more elaborate rewards for backers, such as providing your own in-game graffiti to decorate the game’s buildings or getting to voice your own resident of Wellington Wells for the game (only if you have a convincing British accent, however).

In addition, all backers that support the game at the CA$60 level or above will be able to receive access to a pre-alpha version of the game prior to release, allowing users to get their hands on time with the game and make some trips to the whacked-out world of Wellington Wells before its official launch.

In particular the team at Compulsion Games is seeking to provide open development and feedback on the title between both the developers and players, with one section of the game’s Kickstarter page detailing:

“We began building prototypes for We Happy Few in January 2014, and built the team throughout 2014/early 2015 to get us to where we are today. We’ve embraced open development, by showing the game really early on, posting consistent updates, and getting feedback from friends and family. We spent a few whirlwind days at PAX East in March, where we got insightful and challenging input from hundreds of gamers on a very early build. Afterwards, we invited a small gang of contest-winners to continue playing We Happy Few throughout development, and we’re just starting to get their feedback now.”

“As a whole, this community feedback has been awesome and has hugely helped us shape the development of We Happy Few. Which is why we’d like to work with you and hear your feedback all the way to our release. Plus, right after the end of the campaign, we’ll be offering backers who pledge CA$60 or more immediate access to the game, letting you provide hands-on feedback with every update.”

“Community-focused development will take more time and money than just keeping our heads down and getting a game out. But it will help us to make sure that we’re not missing any serious flaws — or great opportunities — and that we deliver on our ambitions.”

We Happy Few is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux – you can read our impressions of We Happy Few during its reveal at PAX East 2015, or look below for the game’s Kickstarter pitch video and head over to its project page: