Iwata Confirms “Highly-Anticipated” 3DS Titles Are Coming West

on January 27, 2012 9:00 AM

The Nintendo 3DS has begun 2012 with a slew of announced titles, many of them slated for Japanese release but sitting on dates on the West. At 15 million units strong worldwide third-party developers have regained confidence in the handheld, as evidenced by the impressive line-up already packing the first quarter of the year.

President Satoru Iwata has promised that titles scheduled for release in Japan will see releases in North America and Europe. “The specific titles will be released by each software developer, so I will not mention them here,” Iwata said during Nintendo’s recent financial results announcement.

“I can say, however, that there will be more and more highly-anticipated titles for the Nintendo 3DS even in the U.S. and Europe where home console game systems lead the market,” he added.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kid Icarus: Uprising have already been announced, the later with a concrete release date. Let’s hope games like Theathrythm Final Fantasy follow soon.

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