Jack Black Releases YouTube Channel Focusing on Gaming, Food, and Life

Jack Black looks like he's preparing himself for a new journey into the world of let's play videos, maybe even streaming.

Jack Black the actor, the rocker, and the comedian has decided to launch his own gaming channel on YouTube because he is, of course, Jack Black so he is therefore allowed.

The channel is called “Jablinski Games” and currently only has one video that was uploaded five days ago on December 21 at the time of writing this. The video kicks off with the man himself, sporting a fluffy beard as he reveals himself by spinning around to face the camera while sitting in one of PewDiePie’s gaming chairs. The relevance for mentioning the chair will become apparent shortly.

Jack Black welcomes viewers to the channel by saying that the channel is going to be bigger than Ninja, and even PewDiePie. The channel won’t just be exclusive to video games, and instead will also feature food and life. He then signs off by performing the famed PewDiePie chair recline action, while giving us a good look at the set up behind him. For example, we can see two monitors, two gaming keyboards, a telephone, and on the far right, there appears to be a type of Guitar Hero instrument, I haven’t had a coffee yet so can anyone confirm that colorful peripheral?

The video is sitting well at over 2,000,000 views with 599k subscribers already. Yes, I am one of them. PewDiePie, however, sits at 78,488,292 subscribers.

There’s not really much more information about what type of games we can expect to see from Jack Black’s new channel, but back in 2013 Jack Black was part of the voice cast for Broken Age. The video does end with the title card announcing that we can expect to see videos every Friday, so basically, get checking the channel out tomorrow to see what is unleashed unto us. Check out Jack Black’s announcement video below.

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