Jack Black Belts Out Undertale’s Megalovania in Latest YouTube Video

Jack Black is diving into the Megalovania meme-train by belting out the classic Undertale song in his latest Jablinski Games YouTube video.

Everyone across the internet is still pretty dumbfounded on the Jack Black YouTube channel, Jablinski Games, dedicated to “gaming, food, and life.” Is it a joke? Will he ever get to gaming content? Is this instead a high-pitch fever dream? Who knows. But his latest video has him belting out Undertale‘s iconic song Megalovania, and it is certainly entertaining.

Returning back to a brick-and-mortar arcade (following his pinball review) for a review of a local arcade, Round1 Amusement Park in Santa Ana, CA. After “dropping a deuce” (his words, not mine), he plays a bit of a dancing arcade game before heading over to Groove Coaster. That’s where he takes on Undertale’s Megalovania, singing along in his typical Jack Black signature style.

Following some Undertale fun, Jack Black turns to play some real-life bowling and an arcade version of Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo (lol) which he plays with his son. Then it’s one more spin at working up a sweat at dancing and the video is done.

If anything, you have to admit Jack Black’s take on gaming content is unique — perhaps that’s why Jablinski Games has soared in subscribers, passing both the one million and two million mark almost immediately after his initial video. In case you were wondering, he now sits somewhere around 3.2 million views with his four vides — each one ranging from 2.9 million views to 9.5 million views.

In other Undertale news, the community is coming back from a briefly-lived scuff up between Undertale‘s creator Toby Fox and prominent Game Theory YouTuber, MatPat. Other than that, everyone has largely shifted their attention to Deltarune, a non-sequel title that carries much of the same feel and humor. That project is in the demo phase, and still a far cry off from release.

It’s hard to make heads or tails on what Jack Black is preparing this YouTube to be, or what his growing subscriber base should expect next (my guess is a game of Checkers). However, if you want to catch his take of the meme-worthy Undertale song, check out the short video below. Meanwhile, Undertale is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 if you haven’t grabbed the game yet.

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