The Jackbox Party Pack 5’s Final Game is Called “Zeeple Dome”

The Jackbox Party Pack 5’s Final Game is Called “Zeeple Dome”

The fifth Jackbox party game collection is rounded out by Zeeple Dome, a physics-focused slingshot action game that is unusual for the series.

The fifth and final game in The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is something that the series hasn’t seen before—titled Zeeple Dome, this slingshot action game is a far cry from the wordplay and doodling from games of Jackbox past.

Supporting one to six players, Zeeple Dome has players flinging their own characters around in order to defeat monstrous enemy aliens. Like everything else that Jackbox party games have offered, Zeeple Dome has an excess of color and quirkiness. How the game will control on mobile devices and web browsers is unclear at this point.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 also includes a new version of You Don’t Know Jack, subtitled Full Stream. The other new games include more traditional Jackbox games such as Split the Room, a game that has players edit prompts and questions to cause debate and dissent amongst the others, Mad Verse City, essentially a rap battle game, and Patently Stupid, which has players competing to name ridiculous fictional inventions.

Those who have yet to experience the previous party game compilations can finally do so, thanks to The Humble Jackbox Party Bundle. The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will release this year, and you can expect to see it on all platforms that previous Jackbox games have been on, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and certain set-top boxes. You can check out the trailer for Zeeple Dome below.