The Jackbox Party Pack Steam Sale Is Here for Your Social Distancing Needs

If you're looking to plan fun game nights with friends remotely, Jackbox Games is featuring a ton of its discounted games on Steam.

April 17, 2020

With social distancing and stay-at-home orders quickly becoming the norm, video games have provided a suitable outlet to stay entertained at home and to connect with friends. The Jackbox Party Pack games are especially good at helping people have fun together while at home, and if there are any Jackbox collections you’re missing, now might be a good time to grab them on Steam.

Developer Jackbox Games’ lineup of party games is being featured in this weekend’s Steam sale, with discounts up to 50% off on many of the studio’s titles. Of course, this includes all six (so far) installments of The Jackbox Party Pack, which each feature their own unique collections of wacky party games.


A number of the studio’s other titles are also being featured in the Steam sale this weekend, which typically are Party Pack-style games that are spun-off into their own standalone titles. This includes titles such as Fibbage XLDrawful 2, and the numerous installments of You Don’t Know Jack. Several bundles are also available that bring the various Party Pack collections together for a reduced price.

Personally, having played the Party Pack collections a number of times with friends, they’re especially great to have now while so many people are staying at home during quarantine. All of the Party Pack collections have some worthwhile gems in them, though my personal favorite fames are Quiplash 2 and Trivia Murder Party from The Jackbox Party Pack 3. I happen to be missing both Jackbox Party Pack 5 and 6, so I might have to pick those up while I have the chance.

The Jackbox Games sale on Steam is currently running now through the weekend.

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